Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Learning is key to organisational success. Learning may be about the people the organisation serves (research), services that the organisation delivers and their contribution to results (monitoring) and the overall performance of programmes and the organisation (evaluation). Generating knowledge is the beginning. Utilisation of the knowledge is the purpose. Whatever infomation is colleted hold be accesible and usable by relevant decision-makers.  

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Services
​​ services in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning are:






Approach to Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning​

The approach to Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning has its core the principles of results-based management and aims to enhance learning about all stages of programme/project development and management. Measurement should assist project managers to understand what is happening and its implications for their goals. Many of the challenges seen at evaluation are failures of management that arise from poor measurement and use of information. While evaluation serves purposes of accountability it often is too late to influence practice and defensiveness further limits lerning. promotes short loop learning through the use of a variety of metrics and visualisation tool. Early warning is key to timely action.